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  • AIAA SciTech 2021, Nashville, TN, 11-15 January 2021

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AIAA Applied Aerodynamics HPC CREATE Multiphysics Special Sessions: SciTech 2021
January 11-15, 2021, Nashville, Tennessee

This is a call for abstracts for the 2021 SciTech HPC CREATE Multiphysics special sessions. The abstract deadline is June 8th, 2020, 2000 EST.

The HPCMP CREATETM (Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments) program provides state-of-the-art software tools to support the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process. These multi-physics tools cover a broad range of applications to support the simulation of air vehicles, RF antennas, ships, and ground vehicles.

Extended abstracts are strongly encouraged. These abstracts should include the purpose and content of the paper as well as sample results. If you are submitting an abstract, follow the submission procedure below to ensure that the abstract is submitted correctly to the CREATE special sessions.

Use AIAA’s conference website for SciTech-2021 (https://www.aiaa.org/SciTech/presentations-papers/call-for-papers) to submit your abstract (before 2000 EST, June 8th, 2020). During the process:
In Step 2: Submission Details, select the following for “Topic” first,
Topic -> "Applied Aerodynamics", after which “Sub-Topic” drop-down pops-open, then select,
Sub-Topic ->"Special Session: HPC Multi-Physics CREATE Sessions”


In addition, e-mail the session organizer (nathan.s.hariharan.ctr@mail.mil) the abstract control-id returned by the system after your abstract has been accepted for review.

Point of Contact for Further Information:
Dr. Nathan Hariharan
CREATE Technical Operations Director
DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP)



The CREATE-Ships Rapid Design Integration (RDI) team at NSWCCD, Code 823, is pleased to announce the release of the Rapid Ship Design Environment (RSDE) v4.2, along with the Leading Edge Architecture for Prototyping Systems (LEAPS) v5.2.3.  This latest set of software provides improved software stability and robustness, as well as capability increases including a hull form swap capability and design data to support advanced data analytics of design space exploration data.

RSDE v4.2

Major features for RSDE v4.2 include an initial hull form swap capability and improved design evaluation feedback for design space exploration (DSE) advanced data analytics. As the name implies, the hull form swap capability allows users to replace a concept’s existing hull form with another hull form. As with any hull form to be used in RSDE, the hull must meet LEAPS and RSDE hull form modeling guidelines to allow for a successful import. The hull swap capability takes the imported hull and scales it to fit around the concept’s existing internal subdivisions and systems. This capability allows for hull refinement work to take place in parallel to concept development.

The design evaluation feedback task has added a specific pass/fail tag to each concept that is generated during a RSDE design space exploration. A user can now quickly identify which concepts successfully ran through the RSDE synchronize process and which may have failed due to being infeasible designs. This pass/fail information is required to perform numerous different data analytics during the post-processing phase of a DSE. As a bonus, users can also extract information telling them the specific RSDE module that failed and the error message. This information may help users rapidly identify a possible design flaw with their concept design space. The data is written during RSDE’s execution of the DSE, stored in LEAPS, and exported through the provided LEAPS Data Export application.

In addition to these major features, the RSDE team has worked on numerous minor features as requested by our user base, and bug fixes, which have further enhanced the robustness and usability of the RSDE software. The team has also been working diligently to provide user support and project support to the current RSDE user base and training to expand the user base. Due to COVID-19 in person training is currently on-hold. In the meantime, we are investigating possible virtual training options.


LEAPS v5.2.3

The LEAPS software and product model has been updated to support product modeling and data storage for the RSDE v4.2 and IHDE v10.1 software. Users will want to install both the LEAPS v5.2.3 External Libraries and the LEAPS v5.2.3 executable, before installing RSDE v4.2. As always, be aware that models are not backwards compatible to older versions of LEAPS. 


Software Access & Distribution Control

The RSDE, LEAPS, and IHDE software is available through the CREATE-Ships Portal, https://portal.create.hpc.mil/, for DoD and DoD Contractors. The CREATE-Ships Portal can be accessed via two factor authentication, CAC or Ubikey. All users must sign a CREATE-HPC Software User Agreement on an annual basis. This is done through registration with the CREATE-Ships Portal and requesting access to RSDE and/or IHDE software. If you registered last year, or are unsure of when you last signed a HPCMP User Agreement, please check your status by attempting to log-in to https://portal.create.hpc.mil/. If your User Agreement is out of date you will not be able to log-in. You can then re-apply by clicking the, “No Access? Register Here” link. The Portal will then guide you through re-applying and updating your account. CREATE software users must be 1) U.S. Citizens and 2) acknowledge that CREATE software is export controlled per ITAR regulations and therefore the software and documentation must be handled as such. Those users operating on non-Government owned computer resources will need to work with CREATE HPCMP to arrange a Configuration Control Board (CCB) meeting in addition to signing the Software User Agreement. The purpose of the CCB is to verify sufficient access controls and safeguards are in place and ITAR restrictions are properly followed.  If you do not have a Common Access Card (CAC) or Ubikey, please contact the RSDE development team at rsde.nswccd.fct@navy.mil to work through the software release process.


Additionally, since ASSET capability has been integrated directly into RSDE users must adhere to NAVSEA Memo "Ser 058 Policy for Distro and Use of ASSET_2016_03_23", which states:

"RSDE (ASSET) software and documentation is authorized for distribution to and use by Department of Defense (DoD) personnel without restriction for projects that benefit the US Government. Distribution to and use by US Coast Guard (USCG) personnel, DoD contractors, and USCG contractors is permitted if they sign and adhere to the enclosed agreement (Enclosure 1). Any other distribution and use is authorized only with expressed written permission of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA 05D). All other uses of RSDE (ASSET), regardless of the release version, are in violation of this policy."

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