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Getting CREATE Genesis

Who can request access to CREATE Genesis?

Subject to our ability to process the requests, anyone that submits a completed Genesis Software User License Agreement. Information requested in the license form include:

  • Contact and organizational affiliation information for the primary requester.

  • For group requests, we will also need the NUMBER of individuals (students/employees) that will have access to the requester's copy of Genesis

  • Characteristics of requester’s organization (e.g., academic institution, industry, etc.)

    • Genesis components that will be used.

    •  Planned use cases (e.g., educational, evaluation, etc.)

  • Short description/characterization (~100 words) of intended use cases.

  • After receiving the password. You will need to send us all the user's email accounts to allow access to the download site. We require a gmail account for ease of download.

How do I request Genesis suite and access the software/supporting documents?

  • Follow the three-step process below. If you have further questions on the process or having trouble, please contact help below.

Step-1: Read or download the Genesis User License.


The above link will download  a copy of the Genesis license agreement. Please review the license and complete the online agreement form in Step-2 below.


Step-2: Fill out the license agreement form and submit. Make sure  your contact e-mail address is entered correctly.


Once your license agreement is submitted, it will typically take 2-3 days to process and have your access approved.  Once it is approved, an e-mail will be sent to you with the instructions on how to set up a login and downloading of the software and supporting materials.


Step-3: Once your license is approved , please follow the instructions on the welcome letter to access the software.


Questions/Problems?: Contact the CREATE Genesis Support Team: