About CREATE Genesis

Genesis is a suite of software products developed by the US DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) through CREATE. Genesis targets education, research, and evaluation use cases, specifically. Genesis is NOT export-controlled. Our software suite includes: Capstone, CFD, and ADAPT.

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Capstone is a software platform to create, modify and query geometry, mesh and attribution information needed to define a numerical representation (digital model) needed for physics-based simulation of complex engineering systems. Capstone applications include computation of complex flow fields around air vehicles (fixed and rotary wing), ships and submarines; analyses and design of radio-frequency (RF) antennae systems; shock and damage modeling for ships and submarines; structural-acoustics and terrain modeling.



Genesis CFD provides basic CFD analysis capabilities. These include single mesh unstructured Navier-Stokes solver (core count constrained), motion (prescribed and 6-DOF), modal model  based aeroelastic  structures, and 0-D linear engine model for propulsion  boundary conditions. Genesis CFD is available as executable code only.

ADAPT (Aircraft Design, Analysis, Performance, and Trade space) is CREATE-AV’s fixed-wing aircraft conceptual design framework. ADAPT allows aircraft designers to easily integrate and use multi-disciplinary tools in a common framework, explore the aircraft design trade space, and leverage HPC resources  at the conceptual design stage.

ADAPT is comprised of three major pieces. The first is the extensible ADAPT data structure, which provides the common framework for integrating multidisciplinary tools. The second is the ADAPT GUI, which enables conceptual designers to easily set inputs, document work, and analyze results. The final piece is the ADAPT execution engine, which runs the integrated multi-disciplinary toolset on desktop  or HPC machines.

ADAPT is limited to US Government use only, and requires a separate license agreement.

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