The CREATE-AV project is tasked to develop, deploy, and support a set of multi-disciplinary, physics-based simulation software products for the engineering workforces, supporting air vehicle acquisition programs of the services. The products are designed to exploit the capacity of next generation computer resources and enable increased capacity of the engineering workforce, reduced workloads through streamlined and more efficient engineering workflows, and minimized need for rework through early detection of aircraft design faults and performance anomalies.

Software: Kestrel and Helios





Kestrel is the software product produced by the fixed-wing team of the CREATE Air Vehicles project (CREATE-AV). Its primary purpose is to reduce the cost of acquiring new fixed-wing aircraft by making accurate, timely, and easy-to-use simulations available to every participant in the acquisition process, including early designers and contractor partners. Kestrel is comprised of two major pieces. The first major piece is the Kestrel User Interface (KUI) which serves as the main "face" to the user, allowing for simulation input and postprocessing. The second is the runtime infrastructure (CSI).




Helios is a high-fidelity multi-disciplinary computational analysis platform for rotorcraft aeromechanics applications. Helios handles the aerodynamics solutions in an innovative manner, using a dual-mesh paradigm: unstructured meshes in the near-body region and Cartesian meshes in the off-body region.

Helios is comprised of three main components. The first is the Helios preprocessor (preproc), which handles mesh assembly and partitioning. The second is the Helios GUI (hui), which allows the user to input simulation parameters. And the final piece is the Helios runtime environment (CSI).


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